A young and dynamic company, we place ourselves with strength and enthusiasm of those who want to be close to the customer and his needings, following him in all of the phases; from the development of the idea to the tests, from the realization of the samples to the care of the image if requested, up to the diffusion and final distribution of the products.

In Inpact we develop “tailor made” packaging that is tailored to the different needings of our customers. The thirty – year experience in the sector allow us to offer our customers the best solutions for storage, transport and image, taking care to always look for the best quality – price ratio. Among our best known patents we find PACPOL and the PICOR pizza container.

This revolutionary system was created to preserve the quality of the pizza during transport, preserving its temperature, fragrance and hygiene for longer. PICOR not only disposes of easily, but can even be reused. With the same process, we have created POT, the practical container for transporting

pasta, second dishes, side dishes, fried foods, desserts, all dry or wet foods that in this pack are kept in the best possible way, thanks also to the ability of the container to be liquid seal. To date we boast more than 3,000 articles processed and more than 200 new projects completed. All of this and more and more … we are the Inpact.

Practical container of the PACPOL family, with ventilation grille for take away at different heights of negative and positive temperature products. Useful for the transport of products even at -18 with the possibility to refrigerate with dry ice to maintain the negative temperature up to 5 hours. Thermally insulated, it also transports products to be heated through heating plates to be affixed to the bottom of the box.